Terms and Conditions

Contact Information

Caimes PTY LTD
PO BOX 332
Waterford QLD, 4207

Fax: 1300 FX LINE (395 463)
PH: 1300 CAIMES (224 637)
Mob: 0452 CAIMES (224 637)

ABN: 45 102 573 928
Web: www.caimes.com
Email: accounts@caimes.com

A complete description of all goods and services on offer

As a project management company, we charge for billable time spent on a project and for time and out of pocket expenses.

All products and services are provided to clients and the clients sign off on items received prior to an invoice being issued.

Therefore, the full description of our product and services are: billable time (charged in 15 mins intervals) and out of pocket expenses for a given project that the client’s has previously accepted and agreed to

Total cost of goods & services which must be displayed in AUD

We do not sell any goods and services.

The merchant facility is provided to our clients as a form of convenience for the clients to be able to pay for a given invoice using the funds out of their chosen credit card.

Terms & Conditions

These are provided to our clients as part of a contract they have signed and not relevant to the online payment portal.

Shipping & Delivery policy including any applicable charges, usual delivery time frames and the process if the merchant is unable to fulfil the order for any reason

The product and services offered do not require any shipping and delivery and therefore there are no charges applied.

In the event that there is a shipping or delivery charge it will be clearly stated and included within the invoice and the client will not only be aware of it but also agree to it as part of their acceptance and sign off.

Privacy Policy

Caimes is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone who interacts with us, and this sets out our commitment to you on privacy.

We take this responsibility seriously and ensure that we comply with our obligations under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 whenever your personal information is collected, used or shared.

Refund/return policy

We do not provide the facility for a return of product and services as the client has already received and accepted the products and services as merchantable items prior to an invoice being is issued for the client to pay.

Using this method of payment places the risk on CAIMES not the client, and therefore the client will not be issued an invoice (requesting payment) prior to their sign of confirming their satisfaction.

Export restrictions (if known)

This does not apply to the product and service we offer to our clients.

Install & enable the use at all times of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of 128-bit encryption or higher to establish a secure browser session between the merchant and customer when receiving cardholder information via the Internet

Caimes uses at all times a 128-bit security (SSL) to process all payments