Professional Business Services

The Caimes Professional Business Services (PBS) model has been designed to introduce and embed best business practices into our clients' organisation.

The PBS model is based on years of experience providing business advisory consultancy, and is designed to assist our clients in understanding and suitably managing the complexities faced in developing and managing a business.

The seven modules within the PBS model are designed to guide and support our clients in ensuring optimal business development, management and business survival.

Business Hosting

Provisions of cost effective domain registration, web & e-mail hosting facilities to optimise client’s web and electronic presence.

Key Concepts:

  • Domain registration
  • Mail hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Development of the hosting plan within the Business Plan

Business Strategy

An analysis of current business strategies & direction, analysing the potential business opportunities and most importantly setting realistic short to long term goals which will optimise business stability and growth.

Key Concepts:

  • Business structure identification
  • Incorporation / business setup
  • Shareholder deeds
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Business Plan development (framework)

Business Accounting

An analysis of current business finance & accounting framework and system, aligning them to relevant regulatory compliance and to ensure optimal business survival.

Key Concepts:

  • Accounting framework and reporting
  • System identification and implementation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Development of the financial plan within the Business Plan

Business Administration

An analysis of current business processes to identify, develop and implement proven systems to ensure correct resourcing for efficient and effective output with relevant record keeping and reporting strategies.

Key Concepts:

  • Business Process review and development
  • Time Management
  • Reporting framework
  • Organisation structure review and development
  • Development of the administration plan within the Business Plan

Business Technology

Analysis of current ICT systems to identify and implement cost effective ICT systems needed to support efficient and effective operations.

Key Concepts:

  • Identification, implementation and support of cost effective ICT systems
  • Development of the ICT plan within the Business Plan

Business Marketing

Analysis of current marketing strategy and methods to develop and implement a cost effective marketing plan ensuring maximum exposure and return on investment.

Key Concepts:

  • Corporate profile
  • Corporate branding
  • Product or Services Marketing
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Development of the marketing plan within the Business Plan

Management & Communications

The Management & Communications module is the platform and framework for the PBS model, allowing all other PBS modules to interact in a unified form for a streamlined result.

The modules provide business awareness, reviews & audits and ongoing mentoring for clients, enabling clients to achieve their identified goals and/or deliverables.

For further information on how Caimes can assist you with our professional business services or to find out more about our latest Caimes Starter Packages and Special Offers, please contact us.